Sunday, October 14, 2018

Calendar Art

This year our task was to create a deep sea scene (we had been studying deep ocean exploration earlier in the year). As we created our work we practiced painting, drawing and collage techniques. We were proud of our finished artworks.

Sunny and Graffin

Science Fair

This is my science entry for the Year 5 and 6 Science Fair. The theme was electricity, so I chose hydro power. I enjoyed spending time with my dad while making this and I'm very proud of it because it took a lot of time and effort.


Geometric Illusions

This is geometric shape art that I made with Mrs Taylor. We were learning about measuring
and ruling accurately to make an illusion. I enjoyed making this geometric art because I really
like illusions. I’m really proud of my work because everyone liked it.

By Cooper


In term two Room 8 learnt about metaphors. A metaphor is a sentence that compares one
thing to another (without using the words like or as). I think this was fun because we got to make
a sentence about ourselves. I was proud of mine because it shows my personality in one

By Kenzie

Show Not Tell

In Room 8 we learnt about 'show not tell' in our writing, which basically means you don’t ‘tell’ the reader, you describe it and build a picture in the reader’s mind. It was challenging thinking of good words to use. I felt good about my work because I achieved all the success criteria.
By William

Rocky Shore

As part of our Rocky shore study we had to draw a diagram of the different areas and habitats in the rocky shore. It was quite challenging naming all the features but I'm proud of myself because it took a lot of time and effort.

By Addison

Powerful Verbs

We learnt about using powerful verbs in our writing. WE cut letters out of magazines 
and then stuck them on to bunting that we had painted blue then decorated with patterns. 
I was proud of mine because I put a lot of work into the patterns.

By Carys